Importance of marketing for other departments

If we accept that marketing has a communicator role between the company and the outside world and that it is focused on customers in order to give them what they want (Brassington and Pettitt, 2007), we can see how a systemic interaction with other department is fundamental to the attainment of the organisational goals.

In opinion of mine, the most important business functions which marketing can assist are:

– Finance/Management: marketing plans should include financial information for both new and existing products. In this sense, marketing can be a means supporting management when taking investment decisions. Marketing can also give inputs on sales forecasts under different marketing strategies scenario (Wind, 1981). Management can be supported by financial inputs provided by marketing but also to other data such as market actual (or expected) response to a product/service

– Production/operational department: marketing can assist these departments in estimating the number and the type of products and services to be produced/provided. Marketing strategies can also try to stimulate a certain response of markets in order to influence the demand of goods/services in terms of level and/or timing. This can be useful to match the production/operational constraints of the organisation

– R&D: marketing can assist R&D throughout from the idea of new product/services to its implementation. Marketing researches can provide inputs to understand what kind of products/services are likely to be the most marketable and/or understand what kind of features customers would like to have

– Sales: sales department cultivates relationships with clients and marketing can offer inputs to make it more profitable

I would also like to include, although somehow tied to the production/operational function, the purchasing function: try to regulate the demand through marketing actions can in fact affect the procurement function of an organisation as new material/products/resources can be required


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