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Employee motivation in a nutshell

Motivation is concerned with why people decide to act in a certain way. It is a perceptual and intentional phenomenon influenced by individual needs, expectations and willingness to engage themselves in a course of action. Therefore, motivating means to understand … Continue reading

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People leave their bosses

The expression ‘people leave their bosses and not their jobs’ reflects the approach that one of the journal article I selected as a source for my research has on the subject of motivation. ‘Stop demotivating your employees’ basically points out … Continue reading

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Are leaders and managers the same?

As John Kotter (1999: 51) claims, ‘leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary system of action. Each has its own function and characteristic activities’. He then outlines one big functional difference: managers are meant to deal with the complexity … Continue reading

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Ageism in Britain

I think it is worth having a look at ‘How ageist is Britain’ a survey on the subject of ageism conducted in 2004, which considers age discrimination not only in workplaces but also in relation to other aspects of the social … Continue reading

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What about ‘hard’ HRM?

I think that the term ‘resource’ is often used with a hidden positive meaning. By saying that the workforce is a resource, we tend to overemphasise the positive meaning attached to the word itself. On the other hand, I believe that … Continue reading

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From Personnel Management to HRM

One of the reason of the shift from Personnel Management to HRM is the ‘decline of collective labour organisation’. The WERS report shows how, in 2004, trade unions’ member declined in comparison to 1998 and also questions such as pay … Continue reading

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About cutting salaries in economic downturn

during an economic downturn, for companies struggling to survive, interventions on salaries can be an effective measure to pursue cost reduction and minimising redundancies. On the other hand some organisations may take advantage of this situation and act for mere … Continue reading

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Three points for HRD in economic downturn

HRD in economic downturn can offer some advantaged to companies. The IOD Survey Report is really useful to understand some critical points and some of the major benefits of keeping a development attitude also during recession. First of all, it … Continue reading

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